The Road to Singapore ends in one week

The grand slam tournaments are the most important tennis competitions of the year, so it comes as no surprise that top players focus mostly on them.

Winning such events will result in a lot of WTA points as well as sizable cash prizes but there are other incentives to do well in these tournaments.

Those who make a deep run, will have a better chance at booking a seat at the final event of the year, the Singapore tournament that brings together the best eight players in the world.


This year is going to be slightly different, because Serena Williams has announced her intention not to participate after a long and tiresome season. This will present the other seven players with a chance to win the trophy, as there was never much of the competition when Serena was on the tennis court.

Unlike previous years when there was a main favorite, it is very difficult to predict the winner in 2015 and several players have a decent chance at lifting the trophy.

Halep, Muguruza, Sharapova, Kvitova, Radwanska and Kerber have secured their places, but the last two are undecided. Three players are competing for them and it all depends on how their fare in the last tournament that takes place this week.

Safarova has a slight edge over the pack, due to the fact that she has amassed more than 3200 points, while Baczinsky and Pennetta can only brag about a bit over 3100.

The problem is that the Czech player has made it one round further in Luxembourg last season, so she has to defend the points. Basically she is tied for the seventh place with the other two players and all of them are competing this week.

The ones who failed to reach at least the quarterfinals will be very likely out of the race, despite the fact that there are two positions yet to be filled.

Baczinsky is the top seed in her tournament and the same can be said about the U.S. Open winner Pennetta, but this is no guarantee that they will emerge victorious.

The Italian had the advantage of participating in a tournament attended by none of her counter candidates. It is very likely that it will all come down to a decisive the road between Baczinsky and Safarova if they meet in the final act of the tournament while Pennetta achieves something similar in the other event.