Online Poker comes to Switzerland as ban is lifted

Online poker is legal in most European countries and significant steps forward are being made in United States to grant players access to this exciting game.

Meanwhile, Switzerland has already done what was expected and the parliament passed a new draft that is supposed to regulate online gambling.

Not only poker fans, but also those who play bingo, keno, slot machines, video poker and table games will benefit from this radical change.

The gaming law is only going to be implemented after a new gaming regulatory body will be established, but the winners are already in motion.


With Switzerland being divided into dozens of cantons, it might take a while until the regulatory framework will be complete.

The new institution responsible for awarding licenses to online gambling operators that respect the terms and conditions as well as their financial obligations.

The idea is to provide Swiss players with a safe gambling environment, so they won’t have a problem in enjoying their favorite games. Until recently, they had to find loopholes or gamble from beyond the borders and both were extremely unpleasant situations. Private poker games are also going to be made legal once again after being banned for quite a while and this represents an important milestone.


Fans of the genre are already waiting for poker companies to invest massively in Switzerland, in an attempt of tapping into the immense potential of its players.

The income tax will be still laughing but this is hardly a problem for the gamblers themselves and is unlikely to have a deterring effect on major gaming companies.

Residents of Switzerland are entitled to be optimistic but they shouldn’t get their hopes up too high because the changes won’t be done overnight.

The waiting time can vary depending on how fast the regulators move, but there is a lot of pressure on them to act quickly. The Swiss Casino Association is on the groups that are diligently working towards raising awareness about the needs of gamblers.

They have close connections with the poker industry and there is no shortage of supporters from beyond borders who are helping them. Land-based casinos are hoping that the changes will also apply to their industry, which is for now at a disadvantage.