No Tricks, Just Treats at Bet365 Bingo this Month

With Halloween just around the corner, the question that everyone is asking is imageswhether online casinos, bookmakers and bingo rooms will go trick-or-treating.

Bet365 Bingo makes a tempting proposition, by promising its customers that it won’t have any nasty surprise in store for them.

In fact, the only things waiting are freebies, bonuses and a brand-new lineup of bingo games, meant to appeal to even the less enthusiastic gamblers.

The Pumpkin Patch room opens today and if you stay open until November 1, so you have plenty of chances to play its games. On a weekly basis, lucky customers will win a two night break to York where they will have the chance to experience the thrills of The Original Ghost Walk and a Ghost Bus Tour.


This promises to be a memorable experience even for those who are not necessarily big fans of thrillers and horror movies and there are no strings attached.

Anyone can be a winner and all you need is a free ticket to enter the race, with hundreds of such tickets being awarded by the bingo parlor. Bingo players who succeed at making one line, two lines for even better a full house will receive this free tokens and the game to focus on is Hocus Pocus.

They start at 11 AM and conclude that 10:30 PM, from Monday to Sunday so whenever you have a little spare time, you should embark on this at request.

The grand finale for this competition is scheduled to take place on October 25 at 9 PM UK time and more money will be awarded at this date. At the time of writing, the guaranteed prize pool consists of €500, but this community jackpot can only go upwards if more players choose to sign up.

The campaign itself will continue past this milestone, with the last games to be played on October 31 just around midnight.

The more tickets players have, the better the chances to emerge victorious, so don’t settle for a single game and try to earn as many free entries as possible. Just keep in mind that there is also a upper limit of 36 tickets and beyond this threshold, it is not possible to improve your chances to win even further.

It is not possible to purchase tickets, so you need to win them just like everyone else and the bingo tables.