Nights to remember at 32Red Bingo

The last days of October promise to be special but the same can be said about the 32rednights, at least if you have an account with 32Red Bingo.

This promises to be a magical place and bingo fans will be in the race for a prize pool worth €10,000.

The money is going to be awarded to all those who participate by purchasing bingo tickets, which are shockingly inexpensive. With a couple of cents you can buy the necessary tickets that allow you to enter the games and also compete for the added bonus.


Under normal circumstances, one would have to hit a winning combination to actually unlock prizes, but this is not the case with this promotion. You only need to be in the room while the games are played to receive the entry token for the upcoming raffle.

This greatly simplifies your mission and even if you are not famous for your good luck, this time the winning chances are so numerous that you can be hopeful.
One raffle awards prizes of €50 and players who wager at least €5 on tickets will qualify for this amount, but even more money could be worse.

If you wager €10 on the same bingo tickets, you will enter a draw for prizes of €100 and all those who don’t hesitate to wager €20 or more will be eligible for paychecks of at least €200. Basically, there is an indissoluble link between the amount you deposit and wager and the potential payouts, so highrollers have a certain edge over the pack.

This promotion will start at the end of September and if you paid attention to the description, you realize that you need to be active during the night. Don’t be frightened by the perspective of spending your night playing instead of sleeping, because action actually starts at 8 PM. Basically, you need to make sure that you are home in the evening and willing to play bingo in the Friendship and Speed game rooms.

In order to win an entry in the prize draw, one would have to play all four games from Friday to Sunday or even better to participate in all the available games. There are 12 of them, so you would have to spend some money out of pocket, but at the end of the day this will grant you access to generous prizes, so it’s worth it.