New Bollywood Story slot machine hits Grosvenor Casinos

Grosvenor Casinos has an abundance of slot machines that are inspired from Marvel comics, but also classic nobles and more recently Hollywood blockbusters.

In anticipation of the Star Wars movie, many software developers have already started working on slot machines drawing inspiration from the sci-fi saga.

There are plenty of other Hollywood inspired games to play here, but the Indian cinema is only recently making it that viewed in this competitive niche.

The online casino is paying close attention to everything coming from that market and it is convenient that NetEnt has started to pay the same attention.

The Scandinavian software developer also happens to be there main provider of slot machines, so ComeOn casino enjoys unrestricted access to their games.


It also helps that they’ve got an exclusive deal, which enables them to introduce the latest titles before they hit the stores anywhere else.

What happens this December, is that a couple of exotic slot machines are about to make their debut worldwide and there are already available here. The Bollywood Story definitely deserves a place in this constellation of games, since it is based on a truly unique narrative.


The characters, as well as the plot make it stand out from the crowd, so even if you’re not a big fan of video slots it is very likely for you to find pleasure in spinning its reels.

The game is available on all mobile devices powered by iOS, Windows and android operating systems and the best part is that you can play for free. As with all new games, this one comes into flavors and players are the ones who decide between the real money version and the virtual currency game.

The game mechanics stay the same, so you won’t lose anything regardless of your decision, but it will greatly simplify your mission in getting familiar with this new game.

Bollywood Story is also at the cornerstone of what of the best promotions and its release is celebrated with a plethora of free spins. All those who sign up for real money account or login and play this game are going to receive a couple of free spins.

The idea is to encourage them to make the transition to real cash gambling and there is no better way of learning to love again them by redeeming free spins.
They also have the upside of enabling players to chase real profits without venturing a dime out of pocket, which is always a tempting proposition.

You won’t have a lot of money tied in bonuses and with the wagering requirements being simplified as a part of the loyalty program overhaul, you will easily convert the bonus into cashable amount.

This game is full of special features and the floating wilds are the ones that have already caught the eye of slot machine fans.
The main game has at least two of them but it is quite possible for players to unlock a total of four floating wilds, on any of the active pay lines.

The number of free spins awarded in game differ depending on the number of scatter symbols players are able to lineup.

For three scatter symbols, you will receive 10 free spins, twice as many for four scatter symbols and a maximum of 30 free spins if you’re lucky enough as to discover five scatter symbols on the same line.