MrGreen Casino stays true to its name and makes you a winner

Players who hear about MrGreen Casino for the first time are probably mrgLogogoing to have a hard time pinpointing with precision what the name suggests.

Obviously, Scandinavian players in general and Swedish people in particular will have no problem indicating the correct answer.

Just as you probably suspect, it is the online gambling operators way of suggesting that players who sign up for real money account are on the fast track to becoming winners.

Having said this, a long way from promises to facts and in order to show his good intentions, the casino is running several promotions and offers great bonuses.

The package sounds promising, but as always, when the paradox of choice is self-evident, there is a risk of new members choosing other casinos.

That’s why, the Scandinavian operator decided to resurrect no deposit bonuses, which have been banished by most online casinos recently.

The advantages of access itself bonuses are obvious for beginners and amateurs, as they are given money for free and with no strings attached.

It is also an excellent way for the casino to promote these games, because when players have nothing to lose, there are more inclined to explore different things. On the other hand, there are many casinos who feel that by offering money for free, players lose the incentive of making a real money deposit.

Instead of trying to get new players hooked to their gambling product, MrGreen Casino gives them the option to play the games for free.

It is a show of confidence, because they are convinced that once players get the chance of experiencing the entertainment of slot machines, video poker and table games, they will return for more.

Everything is made in such a way as to appeal to beginners and recreational players, ranging from the user-friendly interface, to the prompt and courteous customer support.


The no deposit bonus consists of free spins, which is a clear indicator that MrGreen Casino holds slot machines in high regard. The very nature of free spins makes them somehow restrictive, but with Starburst being the slot machine of choice, they few players will complain.

It is probably Netent’s most popular video slot and it also happens to be one of the most profitable they developed over the last years.
The best case scenario is to convert the no deposit bonus into profits, but players are supposed to make a real money deposit before they are allowed to cash out.

Apparently MrGreen Casino has a brilliant strategy, because it covers all angles and doesn’t appear like a cheap operator concerned exclusively about maximizing profits.

The fans are surely going to respond positively to this approach and if past performance can be used as an indicator for future results, 2016 is going to be a great year.

More games will be added this year, including the scratch cards, one of the few genres that are currently missing from their collection.