ComeOn acquired completely by Cherry AB

ComeOn is one of the online gambling operators who didn’t lose their identity logo-comeondespite the ever-changing nature of the industry.

In order to stay competitive and expand their customer base, many casinos decided to make numerous changes.

Some of them work but in many cases they ended up paying the price of losing their identity in the process. Some players are probably concerned about this happening to the aforementioned software developer after they were acquired by Cherry AB.

These guys mean business and at the time of writing they seem to focus almost exclusively on their Scandinavian expansion. In favor of these arguments, we can say that most of the recent acquisitions import directly or tangentially companies from the Peninsula.

So far, they have spent a lot of money to acquire new casinos and they are unlikely to stop anytime soon. ComeOn, Mobilbet, Folkeautomaten and Casinostugan are now in their portfolio and all of them are much appreciated by Scandinavian players.

The reasoning behind these acquisitions is self evident, since the company wants to tap into the immense potential of the casinos’ prize pool. They already have plenty of customers and the most important thing is that these people trust them.

The fact that they managed to maintain a flawless track record over the course of time may these gambling operators credible. This means a great deal and is something that money can only buy in the right circumstances.


Cherry AB have to pay as much as €80 million up front but this only represents half of the total sum that will be spent by the development group. To say that this is money well spent to be the understatement of the day, because the casino has plenty of enlisted players.

The agreement states that the remaining 51% of the shares will be acquired by the end of the year, after the transaction is approved. At a first glance, this looks like a win-win situation with both parties winning as a result of the agreement.

The Scandinavian market has a special allure, due to the high number of players and their dedication. Fredrik Burvall, CEO of Cherry made it crystal clear that this is not going to be the end of their expansion and more casinos will be acquired. Only time will tell how the company will choose to spend its resources but with got a couple of reliable pointers.