Thrills casino online

Most online casinos choose to walk down the traveled paths and use a system thrills_logo_partnersthat has proven his worth in the past, therefore taking no chances.

There is literally nothing wrong in doing things the old-fashioned way, as long as the results meet your expectations, but it would also keep your eyes open for alternatives.

Such a great opportunity to consolidate your bankroll in an entirely different way is presented by Thrills, an ambitious new online casino.

The new player bonus Thrills

Thrills will not force you to deposit a lot of money up front, so if you’re a beginner with immediate access to resources, it’s worry excessively. On the other hand, the fact that players have less money to commit doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t enjoy a nice welcome package.

The perfect compromise has been found by this online gambling operator which presents new members with a total of 999 free spins.

You’ve read this correctly because if you become a new member and make a real money deposit, this is the kind of welcome package that awaits you. The numbers are downright puzzling and those who are even remotely familiar with video slots will realize the winning opportunities.

So many free spins can literally change your life forever, because any of the 999 bonus rounds can trigger more free spins and even progressive jackpot.

How to claim bonuses at Thrills

If you find this proposition made by Thrills much to your liking, then you shouldn’t waste any time because these bonuses are probably going to evaporate sometime in the future. It is not customary for great welcome bonuses to last forever and this one is actually easy to claim.

Players can deposit as little as €20 and be eligible for the first bonus rounds, with more of them being triggered when players make new investments of a larger magnitude.

The idea is to present players with the means to consolidate their bankrolls one step at a time, rather than basic an unnecessary heavy burden on their shoulders. The free spins also present the incentive to double your efforts and play more often than you’d normally do, because you don’t take any chances.

999 bonus rounds will keep players busy for quite a while and luckily for those who sign up for an account with Thrills, they are not limited to a single game and players can choose any of the available slots.

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